Thanayapura Signature Massage

This unique treatment encompasses a range of powerful movements, combining both sports and classic Swedish massage techniques. The use of gliding, kneading, friction and vibration aids in reducing any soreness, improving the body’s circulation. The Thanyapura Signature massage will also help to reduce muscle tension, relieve aches and pains, and improve flexibility to prevent injury, all while energizing the body. This massage is highly recommended for athletes and anyone who would like to experience a stimulating massage exclusive to Thanyapura.

Duration: 55 Minutes | Price: 1,750 THB
Duration: 85 Minutes | Price: 2,450 THB
Oils used: Lavender & Thanyapura Signature Massage Oil
For: Athletes, everyone
Benefits: Increase body flexibility, stimulate blood circulation, reduce soreness, relieve muscle tension.

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